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The Get Total Wealth dot com radio show is about much more than just using real estate to make more money. Real wealth includes all the parts of a balanced life: fitness, family, romance, charity, fun, travel and of course, money. Host, Steve Davis, started with bad credit and no money and ended up invested in over 4000 single-family and apartment units. He did this while maintaining above average fitness, a 33-year marriage, raising two outstanding children and simply living life to the fullest. He will show you how you can do this too using real estate to build passive streams of income.Steve and his team of mentors, who will be his guests on the show from time to time, have over 50 years of experience teaching people how to achieve their dreams through investing in real estate. Their one on one mentoring and consulting is second to none.

September 17, 2021

Ep. 286 - Looking at The Current IRA Crisis

Welcome back to the show listeners!  Steve is back behind the microphone and today's subject is going to be of major interest to anyone out there who has an IRA or a 401k.  A listener to the show sent Steve an article from FORBES Magazine and there is a very troubling article about what the current presidential administration is planning to do to those retirement accounts.  Listen in carefully and make sue you go and double check our source - this is not something you should ignore at all as it will directly affect the tools you've put in place to help you save money.  Steve is known to bust on those types of savings accounts but this article has him speechless.

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September 16, 2021

Ep. 285 - What Kind of Realtors Are You Attracting?

Welcome back to the show listeners! What are you thoughts on dealing with realtors?  Are you just tired of dealing with realtors because they never seem to be actively helping you find a new house?  What about the ones that are too pushy and want you to buy more than you asked for?  Well, we are not denying that those types of realtors exist but Steve is going to point out that you might be more of the "common denominator" in this situation than you think.  Why is it that YOU are only finding these oddball realtors?  Could it be the way you are looking or how you are getting them to work with you?  Tune in and listen to Steve as he details just what is important when starting a new relationship with a realtor.

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September 15, 2021

Ep. 284 - When Was The Last Time You Read A Book?

Welcome back to the show listeners! On today's episode, Steve it talking about the importance of reading and why it directly relates to wealth and success. Are you aware that an astonishing amount of adults have not read a nonfiction book after they graduated their highest level of education?  It might not seem like a big thing at first but the next sentence is going to blow you away.  Were you aware that all top executives and successful entrepreneurs report that reading is a foundation part of their life and success?  We have to ask this next question, even if it comes off as a bit harsh:  Are you one of those successful people or are you one of the nonreaders? Join Steve today as he talks about why the rich are readers and the middle class are not.  

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September 14, 2021

Ep. 283 - Separate Your Responsibilities

Welcome back to the show listeners! On today's show Steve is taking another deep dive into the relationship dynamic of a couple or partnership.  Were you aware that a family, like a partnership, is supposed to run at a profit?  Are you and your partner running at a profit?  If not, could it be because no one has taken charge of the financial decisions? That is what Steve is talking about today in a nutshell.  Now don't think that you've heard this all before.  You may be in dire need of hearing it twenty more times!

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September 10, 2021

Ep. 282 - The Problem With Committee Style Financial Decisions

Welcome back to the Get Total Wealth Dot Com Podcast listeners! Today Steve is going to be hitting close to home to a lot of people out their in the general population and we urge you to remember that if you are affected by today's topic, please remember that Steve's number one goal is to help you all grow into the best version of yourself possible.  So what could he be talking about that would need such a disclaimer?  Well he is taking a direct shot at the couple out there who are still not in the financial position of their dreams but are still making money decisions by committee.  Would you really need to go and ask your significant other if you came across a map that had directions to your ultimate dream?  A lot of people would say yes to this...but should they?  Tune in and hear what Steve has to say about it!

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September 9, 2021

Ep. 281 -200 Door MultifamilyProperty: A Close Look

Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve is stepping away from the philosophical side of his job and getting into the nitty-gritty side of real estate!  This is a show that a lot of you listeners have been waiting for and the rest of you will crave again when it is over!  Today your host is looking into a 200 unit Multifamily Property and going over everything!  Numbers, procedures, financing...everything!  Excited yet?  Click that play button and get into it then.


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September 7, 2021

Ep. 280 - Three Major Concepts You Need To Know

Welcome back to the show listeners and welcome back from the holiday weekend for some of you as well.  Today we are not going to waste any time describing the show or waxing poetic to get you interested in the topic of the show.  Steve is back from the holiday weekend and not only covering one topic, but THREE major topics that everyone needs to understand and address in their life.  So hit that play button and get your week started!

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September 2, 2021

Ep. 279 - How Can I Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck?

Welcome back to the show one and all!  Have you ever heard of the term "lifestyle creep"?  Well it is a phrase that describes the phenomenon that happens when a person earns more money over time but is not ever able to seem to have enough to put into savings.  Basically, it is the practice of earning more and then spending that much more at the same time.  The result is that you are never actually able to save and most go into debt at the same time. So how does one stop living paycheck to paycheck and do away with lifestyle creep?  Luckily for you, that is what Steve is talking about today!  So tune in!


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September 1, 2021

EP 278 - Lowering Your Expectations & Living Just Over Broke

Welcome back to the show listeners and new guests! In this episode Steve is talking about growing your Total Wealth by using Real Estate as a vehicles to do so and answering your questions!  So what is with that title up there? Why would Steve have a show about lowering your expectations and living Just Over Broke?  The answer to these questions are definitely surprise you so go ahead and click play now!  Just don't go and get in trouble at your JOB while you are having your mind blown.

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August 31, 2021

Ep. 277 - Learning About FORCED Savings and Wealth Building

Welcome back to the show listeners!  Today Steve is talking about how you, yes you, can partake in a little bit of FORCED savings and wealth creation!  Wait a minute....forced?  That can't be right.  Steve would never force us to do that would he?  Well, for the sake of drama, we won't say for sure right now but we can tell you that this episode is going to be another brain buster for all of you out there that have decided to be firm in the ways of old.  Tune in and listen!  You might love being forced to do this!

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